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Hiring a Full-Stack Web Developer

Kickstart your journey with Imperfect, a trailblazing startup awarded and recognized by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) and DUT (Driving Urban Transition). Now, we invite you to be part of our success story as we continue to push the boundaries and champion a sustainable future.

Know someone perfect for this role? Refer them to us! If your referral is hired, we’ll thank you with a €500 bonus for helping us find the right talent.




Competitive Compensation:

  • We value your expertise and contribution by offering competitive salaries coupled with bonuses, so you share in the success you help create.

Flexible Work Environment:

Tailor your work environment to suit your needs - whether that’s remote work or flexible hours. Your well-being is a priority. We foster a balanced work-life setup to ensure you stay at your peak performance.

What We Offer

Personal Growth and Learning Opportunities:

We’re committed to your career growth. Access to learning resources, and opportunities to work on challenging and impactful projects.

Autonomy and Ownership:

Your input matters. Take ownership of your work and see your ideas come to life as you contribute to our groundbreaking platform.

Engagement in European Green Deal Projects:

Enrich your portfolio with hands-on involvement in projects commissioned by reputable European entities.

Our Values at Imperfect


Embracing challenges with creative problem-solving.


Remaining adaptable and forward-moving amidst unforeseen circumstances. 


elivering exceptional value and service.

What Will You Do?

  • Develop and Launch: Lead the development and launch of our SaaS-cloud based platform from the ground up, ensuring a scalable, user-friendly, and robust solution.

  • Technical Stack: Work proficiently with a stack that includes but is not limited to JavaScript, Node.js, React, Angular, MongoDB, SQL, Docker, and AWS services.

  • Collaborate: Engage closely with the co-founders to translate the strategic vision into a technical roadmap, and collaborate with external partners when necessary.

  • Continuous Improvement: Continuously analyze the platform's performance, identifying areas for improvement, and optimizing for performance, reliability, and scalability.

  • Stay Updated: Remain abreast of the latest technologies, libraries, and frameworks in software development to ensure Imperfect is always at the cutting-edge.

  • Lead and Mentor: As a potential future tech lead, mentor other tech team members, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

Your Profile

  • Technical Expertise: Minimum 4 years of experience in full-stack development with a solid background in both front-end and back-end technologies.

  • Problem-Solver: Exceptional problem-solving skills with the ability to work independently and in collaborative team environments.

  • Leadership Potential: Demonstrated potential to lead technical teams and drive tech strategy in alignment with business goals.

  • Passionate: A strong interest in sustainability and circular economy principles, eager to contribute to a meaningful cause.

  • Communicative: Excellent communication skills, able to convey complex technical ideas to non-technical stakeholders.

  • Continuous Learner: Eager to learn and adapt, looking for candidates who consider themselves smarter and are always willing to acquire new skills and knowowledge.

  • Language Proficiency: Fluent in English, both written and spoken, to ensure effective team collaboration and communication with international partners.

    This position offers a unique opportunity to be part of a startup with a strong mission, and to grow alongside the company with a significant impact on our technical direction.

Four-Stage Recruitment Process
At Imperfect, we believe in a transparent and interactive recruitment process that allows both of us to make informed decisions. Here’s what our recruitment journey looks like:

1. Review:

Upon receiving your application, we’ll review it thoroughly and get back to you shortly with an update.

2. 1st Job Interview:

During the first interview, we aim to get to know each other better. We’ll share more about our vision and ambitions, and are eager to learn about your experiences and aspirations.

3. Assignment:

Impressed with your background, we’ll move on to a fun assignment to evaluate your development skills. This is your chance to shine and show us what you can do!

4. 2nd Job Interview:

With your skills well demonstrated, we delve deeper into the specifics of the position in a second interview. This is a great time to ensure a good fit and alignment on expectations.

Job Offer:

We’re excited about the potential of working together! You’ll receive a job offer and, hopefully, we’ll be welcoming you to the Imperfect team soon!

How to Apply

To apply, simply send your application to

Feel free to include any materials that you believe best showcase your skills and experiences from your CV and cover letter to GitHub profile or anything else you see fit. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

We will proceed with your application as soon as we receive it, but please note that the deadline for applications is 31/12/2023.

Inclusivity Disclaimer

Imperfect is committed to being an inclusive employer. We make hiring decisions based on merit and the startup’s needs, without regard to age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other protected status. Individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
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