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The sustainable future is imprfect.

Where circular economy meets the construction sector.

Empowered by Innovation Grants & Industry Leaders



Unlocking Hidden Value

Embracing imperfection doesn't mean compromising quality; it's about unlocking the hidden value in materials that are often overlooked. Imperfect or "waste" materials are frequently just as functional as new resources but come at a fraction of the environmental and financial cost. By participating in our ecosystem, you're not just finding a solution; you're making a responsible choice that benefits your bottom line and the planet.

Accelerated Timelines &

Our methodology of embracing imperfect materials translates directly to more efficient inventory and waste management. By reusing materials and smartly managing waste, you can significantly reduce the time spent sourcing new resources and disposing of leftover supplies. This streamlined approach not only accelerates your project timelines but also reduces administrative burdens. In essence, our system allows you to focus on what you do best: building, while we handle the logistics of material and waste management, saving you valuable time in the process.

Building a Sustainable Future

In a world of diminishing natural resources and increasing waste, becoming imperfect is more than a philosophy; it's a necessity. By opting for circular construction solutions, you are not only adhering to the growing mandates for sustainable building but also setting a precedent within your industry. You'll be part of a change-making movement aimed at transforming how the world thinks about construction, waste, and sustainability.

Why Us

Track the Impact of Every Material You Reuse.

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What We Offer
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Inventory &
Waste management Tool

Introducing Imperfect , the all-in-one inventory tool specifically engineered for the circular construction industry. This groundbreaking platform offers real-time tracking of your material inventory, seamlessly integrates waste management, and simplifies B2B interactions all in one place.

What We Offer

Circular Marketplace

The marketplace is deeply connected with our Imperfect inventory tool, offering data analytics and real-time tracking capabilities that elevate each transaction beyond mere exchange to a sustainable, data-driven decision. In this way, our integrated marketplace is not just a platform, but a holistic ecosystem aimed at propelling the construction industry into a greener, more efficient future. 



Our Story

After years of hands-on experience in construction and sustainability projects around the globe, we were struck by a pervasive and troubling reality: the industry was mired in outdated practices, with a glaring absence of meaningful innovation and commitment to sustainability. We saw a sector hungry for change but lacking the tools to enact it. So, we took it upon ourselves to be the catalysts for that change. Combining our industry insights with technology, we founded Imperfect to provide the construction sector with innovative solutions that not only elevate efficiency but also redefine what it means to build sustainably.

Mahdi Elahi

Computational Designer,

Sustainable & Resilient Strategist, 

Experienced Project Manager

Moujan Mahdian

Social & Economic Innovator,

User Engagement Specialist,

Experienced Urban Planner & Architect.

Our Advisors
Stephen Lorimer

Programme Founder

@Clean Energy Cities


Senior Manager

@Partnerships and Community Centre for Net Zero, part of Octopus Energy

Paulo Dziobczenski

Design Lecturer

@Aalto University 


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About Us


Imperfect BV (SRL)

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Avenue des Courses 12 , Box 3

Brussels 1050 , Belgium

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